A Special Father

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Counseling and Training

This month is the celebration of Father’s Day. Father’s day is a special day, isn’t it? It is
special in many ways. I personally believe it is special because of the impact fathers potentially
make in the lives of their children, and the recognition fathers receive for their love and sacrificial
Theodore Roosevelt said in 1917, “[n]o other success in life – not being president, or
being wealthy, or going to college, or writing a book, or anything else – comes up to the success
of the man or woman who can feel that they have done their duty and that their children and
grandchildren rise up and call them blessed.”
John Trent further illustrates the impact fathers have on daughters in “Longer,
Daddy…Longer.” It goes as follows:
Longer Daddy….Longer
John Trent
Recently, a woman grabbed my arm at a conference after I had finished speaking on the
enormous need we all have for affirmation.
“Dr. Trent, may I tell you my story?” she asked. “Actually, it’s a story of something my
son did with my granddaughter that illustrates what you’ve been talking about — the importance
of affirmation.
“My son has two daughters, on who’s five and one who is in the ‘terrible twos’.” When a
grandmother says this child is in the “terrible twos,” believe me, she is!
“For several years, my son has taken the oldest girl out for a ‘date’ time, but he had never
taken the two-year-old until recently. On his first ‘date’ with the younger one, he took her out to
breakfast at a local fast food restaurant.
“They had just gotten their pancakes and my son decided it would be a good time to tell
this child how much he loved and appreciated her.”
“Jenny,” her son had said, “I want you to know how much I love you, and how special
you are to Mom and me. We prayed for you for years, and now that you’re here and growing up
to be such a wonderful girl, we couldn’t be more proud of you.”
Once he had said all this, he stopped talking and reached over for his fork to begin
eating…but he never got the fork to his mouth.
His daughter reached out her little hand and laid it on her father’s hand. His eyes went to
hers, and in a soft, pleading voice said, “Longer, Daddy…Longer.”
He put down his fork and proceeded to tell her some more reasons and ways they loved
and appreciated her, and then he again reached for his fork. A second time…and a third… and a
fourth time he heard the words, “Longer, Daddy…longer.”
This father never did get much to eat that morning, but his daughter got the emotional
nourishment she needed so much. In fact, a few days later, she spontaneously ran up to her
mother and said, “I’m a really special daughter, Mommy. Daddy told me so.”
Life is so precious! Take the time to share with you father the impact he has made in
your life so he can experience the joy of “rising up and…being called blessed.”
Dr. Rickey A. Nation, Ph.D. is the Founder and Executive Director of Abundant Life


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