Abundant Life

Freedom From Fear And Anxiety

Fear and Anxiety are real and debilitating but there is a way out. You do not have to live with Fear and Anxiety controlling you. Our proven program has enabled many people to be free from Fear and Anxiety and it can possibly help you!



Addiction is something controlling you other than yourself.  However, there is a way out! Our successful program has helped many find freedom and it can possibly help you! Please do not give in to addiction!


Marriage Counseling That Works

Fussing, arguing and debating, frequently, is not the path to resolving marital problems. There is a way to  fix and eliminate these life altering struggles. Many couples have traveled the path of freedom and so can you.


Kids And Teens

Kids and Teens have life altering struggles and need special care and attention to thier problems.  We are trained and have years of experince to assist them to deal with and overcome these problems.


Freedom From Depressiveness

Depression is real and real Christians can be depressed but their is a path to freedom.  Dr. Nation was depressed for 16 years and God revealed the path to freedom and he has helped many others to find the same freedom.



Almost everyone wants to be happy but happiness is found in the One whom can truly make you happy. We have helped many people struggling to find happines to travel the right path to find true contentment, peace and joy.