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Dr. Rickey A. Nation, Ph.D

Dr. Rickey A. Nation, Ph.D.
NCCA Counselor

Counseling and training are at the heart of all we do. I want you to know you will not find people who care for you with empathy and compassion more than we do.  I personally suffered and struggled with sixteen years of clinical depression, twenty-one years of struggles with fears, phobias, and anxiety and seven years of wrong financial priorities. God has enabled me to find His freedom in each area of struggle – and you can, also!  I am on a mission to help others find new hope and freedom from their struggles in a totally different and unique way–that is proven to work and has worked with thousands of people since 1992.  Also, we have been offering revolutionary training that is setting many people free since 2005.

Biblical counseling is a combination of friendship and teaching, guided by God’s principles and His Holy Spirit. It is empowered by His love, with the objective of facilitating another person’s spiritual, emotional, and relational healing and growth. This type of unique counseling also teaches about the accepting nature of God and His methods of helping us resulting in quicker and lasting freedom and change. The  accepting nature of God is a major component in our method of counseling and is experienced in the heart as the counselor and counselee pray together for God’s answers to be revealed as never before.

The focus of my life is to reach as many people as possible with the Truth that frees (John 8:32, 36) no matter the problem, conflict, heartache or struggle. Psalms 147:3 states, “He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.” Counseling and evangelism are similar but different in that they both talk about Chirst and how He shapes and changes lives. However, they are different in that counseling is one-on-one with weekly guidance, feedback, monitoring and accountability. Evangelism is generally to masses. People have and do travel locally such as Oliver Springs, Oak Ridge, Clinton, Powell, Claxton, Andersonville-Anderson County, Harriman, Farragut, Knoxville, East Tennessess, etc. For a more complete list, please go to top of page and click on “Contact Us” and scroll to bottom of page and click on “Click Here” under “We Have Served Many Areas All Around Tennessee.”  

My wife and I have been married since 1983 and have two married children and six grandchildren. Family and life experiences have taught me valuable lessons, Biblical truths and principles, which I am able to bring to the counseling, education and training ministry. These lessons have enabled me to learn, grow, research and develop new and more effective ways of helping others. We are like a teaching hospital (such as Vanderbilt hospital or University of Tennessee) in that we focus on research, education, training and application to help others through Christian counseling and education. Additionally, I am a counseling adviser for Bethany Divinity College and Seminary in Dothan, Alabama since 2008.  God is enabling us to have the unique role of helping others from 55 cities, 28 states and 9 foreign countries in counseling, education, and/or training.

I am honored to be awarded the Temperament Therapy award in 2011. This award is given annually to those with pioneering work in Temperament Therapy.  This type of revolutionary therapy enables others to overcome conflicts and struggles quicker in an easier way than traditional therapy.  You can experience amazing results now with this type of Christian counseling.

I am blessed to have a background in management (restaurant management), sales and marketing for over 7 years.  While serving as a Youth Pastor for almost 5 years, this experience enabled me to begin two ministries in three different schools to reach young people with God’s message of salvation and freedom.  These combined twelve years has given me even more knowledge and training in order to successfully begin the Abundant Life Christian Counselling Services and Training Center in 1992.  I am honored to be here to assist you! Please call me now to discuss your current situation or need. We are eagerly awaiting your call!



Please give us an opportunity to minister to you, pray for you and share principles and Truths that bring freedom and release. Call today and we will be honored to assist you!


God bless,

The Abundant Life Team