Temperament Pictures and Illustrations

Temperament Pictures and Illustrations Temperament Pictures and Illustrations Return Policy Abundant Life Christian Counseling Services has a no return policy except for the following conditions:

  1. Defective Material
  2. Damage in Shipping

Before sending any defective material back, please contact our office. We may be reached at (865) 435-5706 or by email at abundantlife3@comcast.net. No refunds will be given unless the pictures and illustrations are defective or damaged in shipping.

It has been said “a picture is worth a thousand words.” How true that statement is as we look at and consider the five Temperament types Illustrations and Pictures.

  • Witness counselees come alive and connect with God, as never before, as they see themselves/temperament in the Temperament Pictures and Illustrations!
  • See amazing results as the Spirit of God moves to change the heart and life of the counselee as they relate to the illustrations and pictures.
  • The next step is so amazing as the counselee connects with God through finding themselves by relating to the pictures and illustrations.
  • As this step unfolds, many of their problems begin to be resolved and disappear for the glory and honor of God.

  • As children and teens take the APS, the Children and Teens Illustrations with words, numbers and people on them help to explain how to take the APS for maximum results. 
  • Use these with children and teens that are challenged in their ability to process/assimilate information. Please contact us if further information is needed on how to effectively administer the APS to children and teens that are challenged.



$35 for Temperament Pictures and Illustrations!