101 Apologies; A Letter to Dad

by | Jun 18, 2023 | Counseling and Training

Dear Dad:

I wanted to write a note to apologize. Now I am a parent of a teen, I see how I have hurt and used you. My heart breaks as I think of all the times I have wronged you and you never complained.
Dad, I apologize for not saying thank you enough. I remember when you purchased my first sled. The snow was deep and you left work early. On the way home you purchased the Western Flyer sled for me. It was so much fun.
Dad, I apologize for not saying thanks for your hard work. As a barber with you own shop, you worked 10 hours per day, six day per week. I know you got tired. I know you must have wished you would not have to work so much, but you did. Thank you, Dad.
Dad, I apologize for being rude and disrespectful. I remember when I asked you to take me shopping as teen. You said “no”. I became angry and vengeful. You only had my best interest at heart. Dad, I apologize.
Dad, I apologize for not listening to you advice. As a teen, you warned me about buying a lemon. I did not listen and sure enough I bought a lemon. I should have listened. You gave great advice, but often I did not listen.
Dad, I apologize for not helping you more with your disability. Now that you are in a wheel chair and stay alone, I could have done more for you. I could have brought you comfort and cheer in many small ways, but I failed.
Dad, I apologize for calling you more and for not spending more time with you. As I think about the lonely hours you have spent in that old farm house. I can hardly keep back the tears. It has been said that loneliness is the most painful of all emotional pain. My heart bleeds as I think about your loneliness.
Dad, I apologize for taking advantage of you in so many ways. I wanted your money, but not your advice. I wanted your money and many times, not your company. I wanted your help to repair a broken item, but I did not heed your counsel on how to repair it myself. I wanted you to be my taxi, but I did not Cherish your company. I welcomed the times you protected me from others, but I was ashamed to have you in the company of my friends. I often felt misunderstood, but I never took time to understand you and your needs.
Dad, I apologize for entertaining evil thoughts about you. Thoughts that have divided instead of uniting us.
Dad, I apologize for not living up to the expectations you had of me. You wanted me to stay in college, but I dropped out to get married. You wanted me to be strong as you once were, but I settled for the easy quick-fix way out.
Dad, I can see there are many more apologies plaguing me, but I want you to know that my love for you grows. The seeds you have planted have begun to grow and I am thankful you did not give up on me. I love you and am blessed to have you for my Dad.

Love, Your Son


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