But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles. Isaiah 40:31
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It was never meant for us to bear the burdens and heartaches of life alone. God’s will is for us to share our burdens with others and Him. Galatians 6:2 “Bear ye one another’s burdens and so [fulfill] the law of Christ” ; and 1 Peter 5:7 states “Casting all your care upon him: for he careth for you.”  We live beneath our blessings and inheritance in Christ and out of God’s Will when we seek to carry the burdens and heartaches of life without Jesus and caring others. Which means, that as Christian counselors, our proven, highly successful and innovative approach helps others as one else. Why? All of our counselors have faced, struggled with and amazingly gotten free from major struggles in their life by seeking God’s counsel and the godly advice of others. We can give the most accurate-up-to-date counsel, advice and revolutionary solutions to your current situation in the shortest time possible saving valuable time and money. People have sought our highly-successful services from highly-trained and skilled counselors from across America and other countries. Since beginning in 1992, God’s blessings enable us to offer our easy-to-use-and-understand services more affordable than most compared to traditional therapy. Our Ministry is all about meeting your needs. As a matter-of-fact, meeting the counseling needs of each person as well as honoring God is our first priority. No matter if you need individual counseling, marital counseling or distance counseling using SKYPE, we are here to help you discover the new life that awaits you. You can trust our counsel and solutions!

 Our Mission and Vision:

Abundant Life Christian Counseling Services and Training Center exists to share God’s love with those who need to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and the healing and restoring grace that this  proven relationship can bring. We believe that sharing Jesus with the lost and hurting is our highest calling. As a pioneer Biblical counseling ministry, we amazingly help others in the following ways:

First, we offer biblically based Christian counseling for both families and individuals (adults, adolescents, and children). Children and teens are taught life skills in addition to receiving help to overcome their struggles. We also offer Christian counseling for engaged and married couples and for people seeking God’s will for their lives, God’s viewpoint on finances, as well as group meetings to help people become transparent Christians. Specifically, Abundant Life helps people through the application of Bible truths and principles to overcome the chains, pains, and stains from addictiveness. To facilitate this effective person-to-person process, we also use accurate assessment tools, relevant DVD’s and CD’s, handouts and best-selling books – all individualized to each person and their specific conflict or need.

Second, we help reach our world by training others whom God is calling into biblically based Christian counseling through teaching the critical thinking skills and academic rigor embodied in our Christian counseling education and training programs. This objective is accomplished through helping each applicant to determine God’s specific or general call on his or her life. Once the student is selected into our program, time and field test material is assigned to the student to begin the educational process. Our students start to counsel in a few short months, at a lay level (without pay, but can accept donations), instead of several years. Like most universities and colleges, course material is available by book, online, and DVD’s.

Third, we offer assistance in making the transition between Christian counseling education and an effective, viable Christian counseling ministry. We are a pioneering leader in helping others to begin the process of starting a successful counseling ministry. We are used of God to help others (over 130 counseling ministries and counting) indirectly or directly to successfully begin and effectively reach others through Christian counseling ministry.


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