Your Question! God’s Answer! Why has God not changed my situation and/or answered my prayer/s?

Your Question! God’s Answer!

Question:      Why has God not changed my situation and/or answered my prayer/s?  

Answer:         Every day in the Counseling Center individuals come to us in great distress asking this same question.  They have prayed and prayed about their situation.  They have attempted to fix everything and everyone they can in order to feel better, but they do not.  Worse yet their problems is unchanged and most often worse after their efforts.

                        These individuals are perplexed, tired and just plain worn out.  They come because they do not know what else to do.  They need our help to figure out what God wants from them.

                        The answer is simple, yet profound.  Easy, yet difficult.  It is understandable, yet complex in carrying out.  God wants them to stop attempting to fix other people’s problems and work on their own.  The problem is themselves.  Straight forward answer, but the solution is often leads down paths these individuals have been struggling to avoid.

                        Friends, it is not easy at all to admit you have a problem.  Harder yet, to admit the problem is yourself.  But to admit and to say I have/am the problem is the only path to freedom and healing from the situation/problems that plagues you. 

God seeks us out for change and healing in order to carry out his purposes in our lives.  Genesis 17:5-7 states that God completely changed Abram. Even his name.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.  The next step is submitting to God and allowing Him to bring about the changes that are necessary in order to be able to live out your life purpose/s. 

Changing and healing is difficult work.  Yet it is the greatest gift you can do for yourself.  Think about it.  What choices do you have?  Change and heal or remain miserable.  Deceive yourself saying you are ok or live openly and honestly with yourself.  Miss out on joy and peace that can be yours or know joy and peace.  Will there be pain in your future?  Yes.  But how much easier it will be to go through future pain without past problems plaguing you.

God has done that for me.  Here are some verses that describe the healing process.    These are precious and sweet Bible verses.

Pray the following prayer to begin to allow God to change and heal you,

Dear Heavenly Father, please forgive me for thinking and believing I am something when I am nothing.  That I can do something when I can do nothing.  You are the God Almighty, for Whom nothing is impossible.  I submit myself to You to change and heal me.  To mold me and to create in me a new heart.  I want to see with the eyes of Jesus, be a person after your own heart and to have the mind of Christ.   Thank You for Your forgiveness.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Tammy Nation

Master of Arts, Clinical Christian Counseling Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, NCCA Advanced Certifications in Crisis and Abuse Therapy, Child and Adolescent Therapy

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