Licensure & 2nd Doctorate – Program 5

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Professional Doctorate–level individuals whom want to enter into a Christian Counseling Ministry may elect to complete their requirements for licensing and qualify for a second doctorate (Ph.D) in Clinical Christian Counseling or Christian Psychology. Ministerial credentials are not required for enrollment, (Ordained or Commissioned Minister) but must be obtained before the completion of Phase II.

1. $300 – Application Fee (non-refundable)

2.  $2,245  PHASE I

  • How to Begin A Counseling Ministry and Take It Higher! course – $295
  • Temperament Theory – $250
  • Temperament Therapy – $250
  • 10 APS Reports ($45 each) – $450
  • Temperament Case Studies – $250
  • 50 Board Survey on Code of Ethics – $50
  • Christian Counseling: Integrating Temperament and Psychology – $250 (50 Board Questions, 3 references)
  • Christian Psychology Counseling – $250
  • 3 hours of Clinical Practicum at $50/hour – $150
  • NCCA membership fee – $50

In Phase 1, the student will learn how to set up a successful counseling ministry, learn to counsel using the Creation Therapy model of counseling, and become a Certified Temperament Counselor. At this level, counselors can counsel in their churches, as a chaplain, or in volunteer counseling setting. Donations can be accepted, but fees cannot be charged.

3. $2,444 – Phase II

  • Live Demo! Becoming a Skilled Counselor Using APS! – $385
  • Counseling the Codependent: A Christian Perspective – $250
  • Mastering Pastoral Counseling – $250
  • 15 APS Reports (Thesis Format) at $45 each – $675
  • CounselMaster (Maret) Software  course – $495
  • 3 hours of Clinical Practicum at $50/hour – $150
  • National Background check- $100
  • NCCA Licensure fee – $100
  • Licensure upgrade- $39

In Phase 2, the student will build upon Phase 1 by becoming a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and commissioned, if not commissioned or ordained already. At this level, the counselor can charge a fee while working anywhere that needs faith-based counseling services.

4. Phase III$1,000 – Four (4) advanced courses (selected by candidate) – $250 each (Advanced Specialty Area).


  • Students will be responsible to respond in writing to 50 ethical questions posed by the N.C.C.A.’s National Licensing Board of Examiners. This is completed during Phase I of the program.
  • Upon completion of the program requirements, the student is responsible for submitting an application and first year professional membership dues of $150 and Certificate Fee of $110 to the NCCA.
  • The student is also responsible for paying the degree matriculation & transfer fees for the Ph.D. The matriculation fee is $1,600. This is paid directly to Abundant Life Christian Counseling Services (ALCCS).

$7,849.00Total Tuition Fees 

        PAYMENT PLAN: (We are committed to each student graduating with no educational expense debt.)                                                      * Student can make monthly payments of $150 (plus $5 credit card convenience fee).                                                                     * Pay per course (plus $5 credit card convenience fee).

+_________ Donation to Jack Nation Memorial Scholarship Fund (optional)

24-36 months average time for completion

Accredited through the Accrediting Commission International     

Method of Study:  Most courses are available online and can be studied at home.  Courses not available online will be mailed to student.

Employment Possibilities for Ordained and Commissioned Ministers:  This highly recognized Professional Degree will enable the graduate to find employment in:  Christian Counseling Ministry, Chaplaincy. Christian School Guidance Counselor, Hospital Chaplain, Crisis Pregnancy Center Counselor, Pastoral Counseling in a home office, church office, or independent office, Christian Homeless Shelter Counselor, Christian Student Ministries Counselor, Addiction Counselor, other related ministries needing the services of a Christian or Pastoral Counselor who is non-state licensed.

  • It is highly recommended that each student complete the Basic and Advanced Apprenticeship above and beyond the 6 hour Practice/Apprenticeship. In some cases it may be required.

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  • Fees are subject to change without notice
  • Fees may be less dependiung upon prior educational experiences


Revised 4-17-2017