Doctorate Degree – Ph.D. – Colorado Theological Seminary – Program 4

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*For students with degrees from other universities!

Welcome to this prized and highly-sought-after professional degree.  This program of study takes training, skill enhancement, and recognition to the most professional level in Christian Counseling.

Upon graduation, many potential doors will be opened enabling the graduate to work confidently in helping others overcome their conflicts and struggles while making a living effectively counseling others.

At the Ph.D. level, the counselor will receive two advanced specialty certifications and be highly respected as a professional.

1. $300 – Application Fee (non-refundable)

2. $2,245 – PHASE I (Certified Temperament Counselor)

  • How to Begin a Counseling Ministry and Take it Higher! course – $295
  • Basic Christian Counseling – $250
  • Temperament Theory – $250
  • Temperament Therapy – $250
  • 10 APS Reports ($45 each) – $450
  • Temperament Case Studies – $250
  • 50 Question Survey on Code of Ethics – $50
  • Christian Psychology Counseling – $250
  • 3 hours of Clinical Practicum at $50/hour – $150
  • NCCA membership- $50

In Phase 1, the student will learn how to set up a successful counseling ministry, learn to counsel using the Creation Therapy model of counseling, and become a Certified Temperament Counselor. At this level, counselors can counsel in their churches, as a chaplain, or in volunteer counseling setting. Donations can be accepted, but fees cannot be charged.

3. $2,894 PHASE II (Licensed Pastoral Counselor)

  • Live Demo! Becoming A Skilled Counselor Using APS! Course – $385
  • Counseling the Codependent: A Christian Perspective – $250
  • Mastering Pastoral Counseling – $250
  • 25 APS Reports (Thesis Format) at $45 each – $1125
  • CounselMaster (Maret) Software course – $495
  • 3 hours of Clinical Practicum at $50/hour – $150
  • National Background check – $100
  • NCCA Licensure fees – $139

In Phase 2, the student will build upon Phase 1 by becoming a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and be commissioned, if not commissioned or ordained already (see website for more details). At this level, the counselor can charge a fee while working anywhere that needs faith-based counseling services.

4. $3,660 – Phase III Advanced Specialty Areas – 2 Tracts

  • 8 Advanced Courses at $250 each – $2,000
  • Matriculations, Administrative, Transfer Fees, Certificate Fee, First year membership and licensing fee, and National Background Check (made payable to ALCCS) – $1,660

$9,099.00 Total Tuition Fees 

        PAYMENT PLAN: (We are committed to each student graduating with no educational expense debt.)                                                       * Student can make monthly payments of $150 (plus $5 credit card convenience fee).                                                                     * Pay per course (plus $5 credit card convenience fee).

+ _________ Donation to Jack Nation Memorial Scholarship Fund (optional)

36-48 Months average time for completion

Accredited through the Accrediting Commission International

Method of Study:  Most courses are available online and can be studied at home.  Courses not available online will be mailed to student.

Employment Possibilities for Ordained and Commissioned Ministers:  This highly recognized Professional Degree will enable the graduate to find employment in:  Christian Counseling Ministry, Chaplaincy. Christian School Guidance Counselor, Hospital Chaplain, Crisis Pregnancy Center Counselor, Pastoral Counseling in a home office, church office, or independent office, Christian Homeless Shelter Counselor, Christian Student Ministries Counselor, Addiction Counselor, other related ministries needing the services of a Christian or Pastoral Counselor who is non-state licensed.

  • It is highly recommended that each student complete a Basic and Advanced Supplemental Apprenticeship. In some cases it may be required.
  • Commissioning can be obtained through Abundant life Ministries.
  • Students are obtaining licensures and certifications as a minister of counseling through the church and not a state licensure.
  • Upon enrolling, the student/applicant, must turn in copies of Ministerial Credentials, Degrees or highest level of degree, a resume that briefly states educational, occupational and spiritual history, and fill out an application as to why you want to become a Licensee and/or Certified member of the NCCA.

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  • Fees are subject change without notice
  • Fees may be less depending upon prior educational experiences




Revised 4-17-2017